Collaboration on Preserving Wildlife in Papua
Feb 25, 2016

Collaboration on Preserving Wildlife in Papua

The rise of wildlife trade and smuggling in Mimika is of tremendous concern to members of MSF Climate Change Mimika. In addition to conducting a series of socialization activities on wildlife protection for the villages in the Lorentz National Park conservation area, Mimika MSF is currently preparing a concept for wildlife conservation through collaborative management between the relevant government agencies, private sector, and local communities.

The concept of co-management for wildlife protection was discussed in an MSF meeting at the LESTARI office in the Lorentz Lowlands Landscape on February 24, 2016. Present at this meeting were the Head of BKSDA Timika, Mr. Frans Mansay; Head SPTN I Lorentz, Mr. Johan Nendisa; Enviro Division PT. Freeport Indonesia, Mr. Abdul Haris; Head of Far East Mimika District, Mr. Marandof; representatives of the Forest Service, Department of Marine and Fisheries, KPHL Mimika, NGOs (YAPEDA), and journalists.

After the meeting, the delegation visited temporary shelters set up for wildlife rescued from smuggling at the Reclamation and Biodiversity Research Center MP 21 PT Freeport Indonesia.