Facilitating Zero Deforestation Pledge from Indonesian Essential Oils Industry
Nov 11, 2016

Facilitating Zero Deforestation Pledge from Indonesian Essential Oils Industry

USAID LESTARI works with a range of private sector partners operating within its landscapes in order to secure their commitments towards low emissions business practices that reduce deforestation and improve conditions for biodiversity conservation.

In line with this, LESTARI engaged with the Council of Essential Oils Indonesia, Dewan Atsiri Indonesia (DAI), to facilitate a Zero Deforestation Pledge on October 19, 2016. Signatories of the pledge included 96 private companies, 59 community organizations, 31 universities/academia, Bappeda Aceh, Aceh Selatan Forestry Office, and LESTARI. The pledge dictates that signatories shall not engage in any activity under the Indonesian essential oils sector that contributes to deforestation. Moreover, the pledge commits signatories to relevant actions in support of 4 key areas: (1) utilizing green industry processes, (2) developing sustainable supply chains, (3) supporting alternative technologies that promote natural resource conservation, and (4) triggering green policies that enhance competitiveness.

According to DAI, Indonesia is the world’s leading producer of essential oils. Hence committing to this pledge is a crucial first step in supporting the industry’s transition to sustainability. The next steps are equally crucial. LESTARI will continue to engage with signatories to ensure that the pledge is adhered to and translated into measurable activities that contribute to reducing deforestation on the ground.

“The zero deforestation declaration will encourage the development of an organic, environmentally friendly, and renewable energy based essential oils industry. By adhering to these indicators, the Indonesian essential oils industry will gain a competitive advantage in the market.” – Mustafril Bachtiar, Head of Forum Pala Aceh and Appointed Head of the 2016 National Essential Oils Conference organizing committee in Aceh