USAID LESTARI Program Launch & US ambassador visit to Papua
Jan 23, 2016

USAID LESTARI Program Launch & US ambassador visit to Papua

The United States Government is fully committed to continue to support forest conservation programs in Papua. US Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert O. Blake Jr., said, “This visit reinforces the efforts that have been undertaken by the US government through USAID through programs in the fields of environment and forest governance through USAID LESTARI program.”

The Provincial Government warmly welcomes the cooperation between the Indonesian government and the United States in Papua. According to him, environmental conservation programs such as USAID LESTARI is expected to give a great contribution to the people of Papua, especially in the field of environment and the preservation of natural resources. The governor of Papua also hope that the program is also expected to bring substantial benefits to society, especially indigenous peoples. “The Government of Papua Province welcomes all efforts that support preservation of environment and natural resources in Papua. This is in line with the provincial government program and is expected to give many benefits for indigenous people in Papua. ”

In addition of signing the cooperation of agreement, the ambassador and the governor also exchanged souvenirs of placards and books. Governor also reminded the Pupua heads of local government located within the USAID LESTARI work area, to support fully support USAID LESTARI program.

Before meeting with the Governor of Papua, the Ambassador visited the village of indigenous Nechi-Fe in Ormu. The ambassador praised Ormu as a paradise that must be protected. Head of the village of Nechi-Fe was delighted by the remark and hopes for the support to preserve and conserve Cyclops. The Ambassador visit was ended with the signing of prasasti (inscription).