Thematic Activities 3: Private Sector Engagement

Private Sector Engagement takes an integrated approach to the development of livelihoods, responsibilities of environmental governance, and shared roles in co-management of natural resources. This thematic activities will be executed by supporting green enterprise development BMP adoption, and innovative financing. Through establishing public-private partnerships for green enterprises, LESTARI will support alternative livelihoods while reducing pressure on forest resources. LESTARI will also engage with timber concessions, palm oil plantations, and other private sector actors operating in its landscapes to apply BMPs focused on improving efficiency and acquiring sustainability certification.

This work will also focus on operationalizing CMMPs developed under IFACS. Thirdly, our work innovative financing approach will entail finding new financing schemes and sources. Our theory of change for Thematic Activities 3 is that if private sector entities develop PPPs for green enterprises, adopt best management practices for sustainability, and create additional sustainable financing access, then emissions will be reduced and biodiversity conserved.