Local Policy for Improved Environmental Management in South Aceh District
Jan 24, 2017

Local Policy for Improved Environmental Management in South Aceh District

At the local level, USAID LESTARI actively works with regional government and community stakeholders to promote policies, laws, and procedures in support for low emissions development and forest conservation. In southern Aceh, this has involved facilitation of a District-level regulation known as Qanun for improved environmental protection and management.

Recently, five major factions in the Aceh Selatan District parliament including Partai  Aceh, Partai Demokrat, Partai Keadilan dan Persatuan Indonesia, Amanat Pembangunan Indonesia, and Mandiri agreed upon the Draft Qanun on Environmental Protection  and Management and recommended its passing. This Qanun is aligned with Law  No. 32/2009 on Environmental Protection and Management. The Qanun supports the Aceh Selatan District Government authority in planning and protecting 4 distinct  ecosystems: river, coastal areas, peatland, and Leuser Ecosystem Areas.

LESTARI played a key role in facilitating the Qanun, including providing technical  inputs, Provincial approval, and making use of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum in Aceh  Selatan for public consultation of the draft regulation as well as advocating for its  enactment. Moreover, the formulation of the Qanun benefitted from explicit reference to the formal Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for spatial planning  in Aceh Selatan as well as the Landscape Conservation Plan, both developed under  the previous USAID IFACS project. The Qanun signifies LESTARI’s impact in securing local government commitment to integrate environmental considerations into local policy formation to encourage improved management in the  Leuser landscape.