Central Kalimantan: Katingan-Kahayan Landscape

The Katingan-Kahayan Landscape is located in Central Kalimantan, the third largest province in Indonesia.The province is divided into three biophysical regions: coastal mangroves and peat dominated swamp land in the south; central plains and low hills formerly covered by tropical rain forest but largely converted to agriculture; and higher hills and mountainous areas that are generally still covered by forest and difficult to access.

The value landscape in Central Kalimantan is dominated by Sebangau National Park that is included in its entirety, and surrounding peat lands adjoining it. It also includes the Central Kalimantan portion of Bukit Baka Bukit Raya (BBBR) National Park. Both parks provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and a large population of orangutan. Other dominant features of the landscape are the Katingan and Kahayan Rivers, which give the landscape its name and provide connectivity between the two national parks.The operational landscape is defined by Katingan, Pulang Pisau, and Gunung Mas Districts as well as Palangkaraya municipality.

31% of the landscape is covered in carbon-rich peatland. Unsustainable peatland management, including extensive draining that causes peat to dry out during the droughts, has left the region highly vulnerable to land and forest fires. In 2015, peatland and forest fires were disastrous and particularly difficult to extinguish. This has resulted in devastating impacts to the health and well being of communities, crippled local economies, and destroyed significant areas of forest and the biodiversity that they harbor, while significantly exacerbating climate change on a global scale.

Key Activities in Katingan-Kahayan Landscape

Integrated Fire Management (IFM) and peat land restoration are the core landscape initiatives to be implemented in the Katingan-Kahayan Landscape. This involves enhancing awareness and advocacy with communities in understanding the environ- mental, health, and economic detriments to fire and haze, and sustainable forest and land management. LESTARI also focuses on enhancing environmental governance by developing capacity among government agencies in preventing and suppressing fires, as well as monitoring and enforcing laws and regulations. LESTARI will directly support the re-wetting of peatland and preventing further loss of secondary swamp forest to brush and open land (primarily occurring through fire).This initiative also includes the co-management of Sebangau National Park with WWF.

BBBR co-management focuses on improving the management of areas both within and adjacent to the protected area. LESTARI will support the capacity development of park management authorities to monitor and detect threats using modern tools such as METT.

Map of Katingan – Kahayan Landscape