Festival PeSoNa (Perhutanan Sosial Nasional)
Okt 4, 2016

Festival PeSoNa (Perhutanan Sosial Nasional)

From September 6-8, 2016, LESTARI participated in the PeSoNa (Perhutanan Sosial Nusantara or National Social Forestry) event hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Located at the Manggal Wanabakti building, LESTARI held two booths that featured cooperation initiatives as well as lessons from social forestry implementation from two landscapes: Central Kalimantan and Papua.

LESTARI also hosted a side event to share and discuss key issues facing the sustainability of its landscapes. This dialogue entitled “Opportunities and Challenges in Peatland Fire Management: lessons from social forestry in Blok C, Central Kalimantan” focused on cooperation to enhance communities’ contributions and people-oriented approaches to prevent both natural and human made disasters in peatlands through more effective forest management practices. This interactive dialogue attracted approximately 150 people from various backgrounds including government officers, NGOs, academics, and environmental advocates.

The Papua and Central Kalimantan booths were awarded as the most attractive exhibitions, as approximately 400 people visited and expressed interest and appreciation. At the Papua booth, LESTARI showcased Asmat-based carver (wowipits in Asmat dialect) Johanis Tuanban who has long practiced the carving tradition. According to Asmat people, there is a strong connection between humans and trees, as wood is considered a source of life. LESTARI aimed to convey this value to its visitors.



Photo caption: Johanis Tuanban giving an Asmat cultural artifact to Minister of KLHK at Festival PeSoNa, September 2016.